Riding School

Lessons at Wapley Riding Stables are offered to children and adults from 4 years of age upwards and cater for all abilities. We offer individual, shared and group lessons in all disciplines and abilities.


Riding for all Abilities

Lessons at Wapley Riding Stables are offered to Children and Adults from 4 years of age upwards - and cater for all abilities.

Lessons are graded on ability (see below). 

We are currently offering Individual, Semi Private and Group lessons.
Please use our online booking system to find and book lessons!


See the countryside

Enjoy the beautiful countryside from horseback with a range of Hacking options. 

We offer walk outs down the lane and rides around our fields. Hacks are for level 4 riders.

We are located north of Bristol near Westerleigh and Chipping Sodbury.

Events and Courses

Improve Your Riding

Are you looking to improve your riding and gain confidence? Then come and join us in our various events and courses - make new friends and have fun whist learning new skills and gaining confidence.

We have a variety of different events from camps and clinics to mini stars for pre-schoolers. 

Riding Levels

Lead Rein: looking at basic position and learning to guide the pony.

Level 1: Coming off the lead rein, introduction to rising trot, basic control of the horse/pony, build confidence and balance.

Level 2: Showing ability to use basic controls without assistance, gaining better knowledge of position. Starting to canter. Exercise to improve seat and balance.

Level 3: Confident to Walk, Trot and Canter on several different ponies/horses, pole work, jump position, start to tackle small jumps, Incorporate more advanced school movements. Working without stirrups to improve seat and balance.

Level 4: Confident in all paces and happy to ride around a course of fences. Looking at lateral work and gaining a better understanding of how the horse/pony works and engages under the saddle.

Please note that these levels are for guidance only and some group lessons may cross over the levels depending on the ability of the individual or group.

Wapley stables rosettes for riding levels

Rosettes are awarded for achieving the next Riding Level. This encourages our riders to progress through the levels and become confident and knowledgeable horse riders.

Girls horse riding at wapley stables Bristol

Important Information

You must follow our rules on equipment:
Properly fitted and kite marked Riding hats are essential. Hats are available to hire although we strongly recommend you purchase your own hat after your initial lesson.

You must also wear riding boots or boots with a smooth sole and small heel (no wellingtons or trainers are permitted).

Riding gloves are also essential. 

We strongly advise that you wear a body protector and these are essential for jumping and hacking.

Please note:
Please see our cancellation policies before you book. 

We cannot guarantee specific horses or instructors for your lesson, however we will do our best to meet your requests where possible.

Some lessons are only available to certain levels of riding ability, therefore if you feel you have moved into the next riding level please ask your instructor to re-assess your riding so that your profile may be amended to the next level to enable you to book the correct lessons or access higher level groups.