We have listed some frequently asked questions below. If you need additional help please contact us!

What do I need to Wear?

Foot wear: Proper riding boots are recommended; if these are not available a boot with smooth sole and small heel is advised. Trainers are not allowed and due to health and safety you will not be permitted to ride in trainers. Wellington boots are not advised.

Clothing: Ideally jodhpurs and a long sleeved top. If jodhpurs are not available please wear comfortable full length leg wear, try and avoid jeans as these tend to rub.

Riding Hat: Please note that if you provide your own riding hat you are responsible for ensuring that it is in good condition and meets the current safety standards. Please see the guide for what standards your hat needs to meet. Furthermore if your riding hat has sustained a fall / knock it is advisable that you replace it.

Riding gloves should be worn for all lessons.

It is advised that Body protectors are worn and especially when jumping or cross country.

Horse riding is an all weather sport and therefore we continue in all climates, please dress appropriately. If we need to cancel we will endeavour to contact you as soon as possible.

How can I cancel or amend a booking?

Please click here to see our cancellation policies.

To cancel or amend a booking please contact us.

How does your discount scheme work?

If you book and pay for 6 lessons at one time you will receive 10% discount. This is excellent value for money and ensures you have your next 6 lessons booked. You can take advantage of our Block Booking discount scheme when you top up on our online booking system or by contacting us. 

Do you sell Gift Vouchers?

Yes! We have gift vouchers available for purchase which you may like to give for birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas or just as a thank you. Please contact us for more information or to purchase please visit the booking system.

Where can I get the printable rider registration form?

The printed rider registration form can be downloaded here.

How can I give feedback?

We welcome your feedback and want all our riders to be happy with their lessons therefore should you have any compliments please feel free to share these on our social media pages, Google or Yell.

If you are dissatisfied with your lesson please discuss this at the time with the instructor in order that this can be resolved quickly. 

If you have a complaint please forward this in writing to Wapley Stables who will respond to you within 28 days of receipt.

Other key information:

Please ensure you complete all of the information in the online booking system rider registration form – we cannot commence your lesson without the form. Adults should complete rider profiles on behalf of children in their care. 

Be mindful that horses are fight and flight animals and also have their own personality and ‘off’ days just like us. If you are nervous they can sense this. They can also bite and kick. Please do not stand behind the horse or make any sudden movements. 

Do not give the horses any treats unless you have the permission of the instructor.

Umbrellas and pushchairs or children running around may upset a pony. Therefore please be aware of this and ensure your child is supervised around the ponies and at all times.

In the event of you or your child having an accident whilst on the property please ensure you see a member of staff and complete an accident form before leaving the premises.